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4. Starting on Friday 22nd September there will be a regular extra synchro session on offer at the Waterside 7.30pm to 8.30pm. It would be great to see you there.



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1. Synchro Cancelled 14th October 2017


2. Extra swim training session for all will be on offer on the following date only: 14th October 2017 - time 4.30pm to 5.30pm


3. PNSC First Chance County Qualifyer 29th October 2017


  • This is a club attended meet.Entry details can be downloaded from the meets section of the website. Please note the following:

1. Ages as of midnight Sunday 29th October 2017

2. Entry is £6.00 per event

3. Upper qualifying times apply - download from Events section (i.e. times you can't be faster than). You can find out your PBs through the links section of the website.

4. Warm-up To Be Confirmed

5. Closing date is MONDAY 2ND OCTOBER to enable time for entries to be submitted. Please email your entries to meets@rydeswimmingclub.co.uk

NB. May have to cancel due to possible clash with Club Champs, just awaiting confirmation.









5.A kick league is being introduced on Sunday 1st of October and will continue every 6 weeks. The league will consist of 4x50 F/C Kick, in waves, as fast as the swimmers can and their average will be taken and put into a chart. When we come to visit the league again, the individual that has improved the most will be rewarded with a small prize. Please try an ensure you are there! Also, any parents handy with a stopwatch would be welcome volunteers.

Ryde Swimming Club is based at the Waterside swimming pool located at the canoe lake, Ryde Esplanade, Isle of Wight.

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