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For competitive swimming Ryde Swimming Club attends selected meets throughout the year. Meets are classified as either ‘open’ or ‘closed’.


• An Open Meet is open to all and usually hosted by another swimming club.

• A Closed Meet is for selected groups e.g. Hampshire County Champs, South East Regionals and our own Club Championships.


All swimmers will be competing as individuals or as part of a relay team, against swimmers from other clubs.


For all club attended meets at least one coach and/or team manager is provided to support the swimmers.


About Meets

Heats are swum and seeded according to your entry time (Personal Best), irrespective of age. However, results are published in age groups and usually the top three positions in each event will receive an award, e.g. medal. There may also be other awards, such as Top Visiting Club.


Most Meets take place in 25m pools and are called ‘Short Course, the others will take place in 50m pools and are called ‘Long Course’.


Meets are targeted at different standards of swimmer and are given a level 1 to 4.


• Level 1 – Long course (50m) only and cover National, Regional and County Championships. Main purpose: to enable swimmers to achieve times for entry into National, County and Regional Championships.

• Level 2 – Short course (25m) only and cover National, Regional and County Championships. Main purpose: to enable swimmers to achieve times for entry into National, County and Regional Championships.

• Level 3 – Long and Short course. Main purpose: to enable swimmers to achieve times for entry into County and Regional Championships.

• Level 4 – Entry level Meets in 25m pools or more. Great for inexperienced swimmers.


Depending on the Level of Meet, there are qualifying standards that have to be met in order to enter.


1.Upper Limit Time – Swimmers MUST be slower than. Found in Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4

2.Lower Limit Time – Swimmers MUST be faster than. Found in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.


Note. You can keep track of your ASA verified Personal Bests via the Links section of the website.


Meets are the only way for you to achieve qualifying times for entry into County, Regional and National Competitions as an individual. They are also a fantastic way for you to measure your progress and perhaps even win some medals!


Entry to Meets

Any club swimmer can enter a Meet provided they fulfil the entry criteria, as provided by the hosting club / association. However, please note some key points:


Swimmers can only start competing from the age of 9.

There is always an ‘Age as at’ date given, which decides what age group you will be competing in.

You don’t have to be invited to enter Meets by a coach, just keep an eye on the forthcoming Meets under the Events section of the website.

Parents are welcome to attend these Meets but will not be allowed poolside. Normally, there is a viewing area (which has an entry fee) and usually includes a programme of events, listing swimmers in order of seed time.

Swimmers will be required to stay poolside with the team, unless they have permission from the coach / team manager. Once a swimmer has completed all their events, parents may collect their children, again with the permission of the coach / team manager.

• There are entry fees for swimmers, which vary according to the meet and are payable by the swimmer into the club account.


When a club attended Meet is approaching, an email will be sent out. As well as posted on the website, informing you of the competition, with instructions of what to do. If you have any questions about what events to do or if it is suitable for you then please ask a coach who will be happy to advise you. All entries are to be sent to meets@rydeswimmingclub.co.uk before the closing deadline stipulated by the meets manager in order to ensure your entry is submitted. Once entries have been submitted it doesn’t guarantee entry. The hosting club / association will confirm which (if not all!) entries have been accepted, at which point you will be notified and expected to pay your entry fees into the club account. Please note, if you need to withdrawal from the competition your money will generally not be refunded unless you can provide the hosts with a doctors medical certificate.


Isle of Wight Competitions

Throughout the year there are various competitions held on the Island e.g. Isle of Wight Sprints and Club Championships. These are usually held at Medina Leisure Centre or West Wight Sports & Community Centre.



Official results are usually posted on the hosts website and our website within a couple of days and are available for download.



Team spirit and support for one another is of paramount importance for an enjoyable Meet and lifelong interest in swimming.

Meets are competitive but also great fun!



The above document can be downloaded here - Meet Info.







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