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The Success of Ryde Swimming Club Relies on Volunteers.


Our Aim: To spread the work load by continually seeking volunteers to assist with the following:

  • The day to day running of the club.
  • Officiating at Meets/Galas.


For Ryde Swimming Club to flourish it is essential to not depend on the same few volunteers. We need to continually evolve and encourage swimmers, parents and those with a passion for swimming to get involved. By doing this we won't stagnate and we can offer a club that is organised, enjoyable and successful for years to come.


If you would like to volunteer in some way, please speak with one of the coaches or contact us via the website. We can then discuss where your skills might be best utilised / what skills you might be interested in developing e.g. officiating. No previous experience is necessary just enthusiasm and a positive/friendly attitude.


For more information about officiating please click on the following button:


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