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Ryde Swimming Club (RYDS) was founded in 2015 by Mr Baldwin, Miss Baldwin and The Waterside Trust.


On 30th March 2017 we became a Swim21 accredited aquatics club. Swim 21 is the ASA's quality mark for clubs and is about creating the best possible swimming experience for all and raising the quality of aquatics provision. It also recognises that clubs are providing a quality service for all members. Through Swim21 the club automatically gains Clubmark status, which is widely recognised by potential funders who can assist with club growth and development.




Presently, we offer competitive swimming. As a result, the club is affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), ASA Hampshire County and ASA South East Region.

Our Mission

Our Motto

At Ryde we welcome new members and volunteers, so that we can continue to grow and offer an enjoyable aquatics experience, that enables members to achieve their goals.


As part of our mission we are actively seeking to 'get more water time' so that our dedicated team of coaches can deliver training sessions that enable members to realise their potential.


Veni, Natavi, Vici

I came, I swam, I conquered

Veni, Natavi, Vici

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