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Ryde Swimming Club Membership Information

All swiimers and parents / guardians are REQUIRED TO download, read and complete the following documents where appropriate. Once completed, please hand in to one of the coaches at training - thank you!


Forms can be download here.






ASA registration forms

Swimmers MUST also be registered with the ASA.


Forms can be downloaded below.


ASA Category 1 & 3 form


Category 1: This is for swimmers below the age of 9 and those who do not wish to swim competitively. Cost is £13.90 per year.


Category 3: This is for non-swimming members eg. those who assist in the running of the club.

Cost is £13.90 per year.






ASA Category 2 form


Category 2: This is for swimmers aged 9 and above who wish to swim in competitively.

Cost is £31.50 per year.






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